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Parking at rear of church
access from West Pike Street


First United Methodist Church (Clarksburg, WV, USA)


Here's how. First Church, in collaboration with the Clarksburg Mission and members of the Change Initiative, will be operating a winter shelter for the homeless from 8pm until 8am, every night beginning Dec. 3 thru March 17. This will be the ONLY shelter available in the Clarksburg area. We are in need of volunteers to supplement the paid staff. You do not need be a First Church member to volunteer. And

you can volunteer once, once a week, or seven days a week! Here are four different ways you could serve.

1) Provide a sandwich dinner for under 30 people. (No serving needed.)

2) Help check in people (2 hours)

3) Heat up and serve a breakfast that has been provided.

4) Help oversee morning showers. (2 hours)

Following is more detailed information.


Many of the groups who participated in the Grab & Go Lunches are continuing to support the homeless, by preparing the “Cot-Side” meals. We have a calendar for signing up to prepare the food that will be served after the late evening check-in. The “Cot-Side” meal will consist of a hot or cold sandwich, fruit and an energy bar or packaged cookies.


Each evening we need 3-4 volunteers who would commit to working 7:30- 9:30pm. We are developing a regular rotating schedule. So, if you would consider once per week or every other week, we can get this going. In really bad weather, we will also need a few people to be

“on call”, able to respond in an emergency. Evening volunteers will assist with Check-In, serving evening food/beverages/ assigning guests to cots, orienting them to surroundings. Contact Diana Higginbotham (304-669-3013) to schedule volunteer time.


Between hours of 7:30 and 9:30 AM we need 2-3 people to assist with serving breakfast, and assisting with showers.

If anyone is interested in helping with Breakfast, they can contact Shelly Spellman (304-669-8461). Breakfast will be served every day.

We are hoping to offer showers on Mondays and Thursdays, between 8 AM and 9:30 AM as folks leave the shelter. If interested in helping with Showers call Diana Higginbotham (304-669-3013)

The call for volunteers has also gone out to others in the community. We are excited about this opportunity to serve. There is much yet to do, in organizing shelter supplies, and getting the gym area ready. If you have time to help us over the next 2 weeks, give Shelly or Diana a call.

We reach out to our local community and,
whenever possible, reach out in faith to those in need in Harrison county
and  beyond!  Our annual Fall Bazaar, funds  are designated....Local, Community and Global.

The entire community participates! Due to Pandemic,
there  was no Fall Bazaar in 2021,
but our Outreach Committee has become
creative on best methods to still serve others in need.

Any adults or teens interested in participating

in any of our Outreach projects or work teams :

Please CALL or EMAIL

304-623-3397 OR

We support WV Conference projects and UMCOR!!

"As you have done it unto the least of these, my children, you have done it unto me."


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WV Conference UMC:

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Mustard Seed Food Pantry? Click here...


Ministry Celebrations at 2022 WV Annual Conference:

Judy Raines, Board of Global Ministries Chair, announced a newly established Service Award honoring the work of a person (or persons) in the conference who exhibits outstanding dedication to mission and faithfulness to the community by engaging in ongoing efforts to meet basic human needs and assist neighbors in improving their quality of life. The first award went to Clarksburg Cooperative Parish which has begun working at First UMC, Clarksburg, to address the needs of homeless people.

    First United Methodist Church
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