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First United Methodist Church
First United Methodist Church of Clarksburg WV
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117 N 2nd St
Clarksburg, WV 26301
Pastor Michael Atkinson

Parking at rear of church
access from West Pike Street

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God is at Work all across our District

Want to Dig Deeper into the United Methodist Church?

Continuing the Wesleyan tradition of social holiness today

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Since the beginning of the Methodist movement, people called Methodists have spoken to the issues of the day as an expression of the Wesleyan commitment to social holiness.

After an eight year journey and a deeply United Methodist experience of revision, the General Conference is called to approve a document with a strong theological grounding and a more focused, succinct, and globally meaningful form.

    First United Methodist Church
    117 N. Second St.
    Clarksburg, WV    26301